Saturday, May 31, 2014

I hate these days...

So, I (being the capital I meaning my body, some other aspect of me) wakes up filled with enough energy to power a small city. I hate when this happens, why you might ask? Well even if you don't ask, fuck you I am writing it anyhow, the reason I hate this is because it's some child like aspect of my personality that is in control.  This would seem fun and exciting, except the little fucker decided to talk people into get money and going to spend it willy nilly.  I cannot express how much I despise people (meaning other parts) taking control and doing things that I don't approve of.  Along with spending random amounts of money and running around like an idiot, fuckhead for some reason doesn't eat. While this seems good on the surface, running around in the sunshine for eight hours or so and not eating leaves you with NO blood sugar, the body flakes out, you get all woozy, and then you are to the point you pass out.  Around the time the body is about to fall over is when I retake full possession of my faculties, meaner than hell because I am crashing from blood sugar being way low and apparently running around for numerous hours while already exhausted from the previous days, and I find out I am dressed like a fucking fluorescent Freddy Mercury. So, while this may be fine for some, it really pisses me the fuck off.  I rely heavily on the people around me to make sure that things are kept to a certain order, obviously they find the fact that the other parts of me coming out to be healthy and see no problem in the way I am dressed.  You have any idea how many times I have realized I am out in public dressed like Superman? Too many, way too fucking many for my liking.  I understand living with me (being the plural me) is difficult and I try to understand the amusement that those who are around me get when these things happen, except those in charge have to deal with shit, namely ME (being the singular me). 

Never look at this D.I.D. thing as me being a whole bunch of separate people in one body, it's merely my brains response to life and my inability to fuse the different states of my personality's growth. I understand these parts are ME (Being a singular entity), but I work very hard to maintain what is to be expected, and I detest when these fuckers (being the other asshole fuck faces) completely undo, or embarrass the shit out of me with their antics.  They (being the fucktards), aren't out here doing 98% of the work, their 2% of bullshit is pretty damning though.


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